Kansas City Low Testosterone Treatment


At Mirabile M.D., we consult with Kansas City men for safe, effective testosterone replacement therapy. We naturally and safely restore testosterone levels through the use of SottoPelle® Therapy, using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), with hormone pellets.

Men experience a gradual decline in testosterone production as they get older. Beginning at age 30, the body starts to manufacture less and less testosterone, losing roughly 1-3% percent per year. Then, sometime between the ages of 40 and 55, testosterone levels drop dramatically and signal the onset of Andropause, the medical term for the male equivalent of Menopause.

Testosterone is central to a man’s well-being. Without it, fatigue, anxiety, depression, loss of mental clarity, and loss of libido occur.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy – About SottoPelle®

SottoPelle Therapy is a unique hormone replacement method that delivers the right kind of hormone (biologically identical), in the right amounts (based on testing and proper analysis of the results). Each hormone pellet is slipped painlessly under the skin, typically in the hip. A mild, local anesthetic is used and the procedure is very quick. Once the pellet is inserted, a steady, low dose of natural hormone flows directly into the blood stream whenever your body needs it. On average, men will need re-insertion in six months.

Since 1992, SottoPelle Therapy has helped thousands of men achieve the natural, healthy balance of hormones their bodies need to maintain optimum well-being. Our Low T Patients report:

  • Enhancement of libido and/or increased sexual drive
  • An increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat
  • An increase in muscle weight, size and strength
  • Greater capacity for getting in shape
  • Consistency in moods – reduction in feelings of anger, nervousness and irritability
  • Increased mental focus, clarity and concentration
  • Improved memory
  • Increase sense of overall well-being
  • Better quality of life

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