Weightloss & Personalized Wellness

Weightloss and Personalized Wellness

Our medical weight loss team, led by owner and on-site physician, James Mirabile M.D., will customize a weight loss program for your specific goals, lifestyle and health history. The advancements in wellness and obesity medicine are exciting and give us a variety of tools to help you achieve your goals and improve your health. The Mirabile M.D. weight loss and personalized wellness programs include versatile nutrition plans as well as prescription medications including prescription appetite suppressants and weight loss injections such as Semaglutide and Tirzepatide. In addition, we offer a full vitamin injection menu and high-quality supplements to help support your weight loss efforts.

Debra lost 20 pounds

“Covid and hormonal changes greatly impacted my health – pretty quickly I found myself overweight and not feeling well. When I saw a photo of myself taken over the holidays, I knew something needed to change. I wanted to lose weight, but even more importantly I just wanted to feel better and have the energy to move more. I wasn’t interested in a ‘quick fix’ or fad diet – I was looking for a true lifestyle change. I had my first visit with Charidy in January and had lost 20 pounds by May! My weight loss is 100% due to changes in diet – no medications or weight loss injections. At each of our weekly visits, Charidy was very positive and encouraging and guided me on nutritional changes and creating a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly, I now have more energy and am more motivated to go on walks and do things with friends! I’ll continue to do maintenance check-in visits with Mirabile M.D. to help me stay on track and receive guidance as I continue on my health journey.”

Anne lost 34 pounds

“My weight is down, my energy is up, and I feel like a younger version of myself! Before my weight loss journey with Mirabile M.D., I had tried multiple diets with zero results. From my very first visit, the Mirabile M.D. staff were very welcoming and encouraging and gave me the confidence that I could lose weight and make sustainable changes to my well-being. When I started the program, I weighed 177 pounds and set a goal to lose 20 pounds. Not only did those 20 pounds melt off, I lost another 14 pounds and am continuing to lose weight at a healthy pace while eating very satisfying and fulfilling meals. The Mirabile M.D. nutrition team taught me the power of macronutrients and the best balance of nutrients for my specific needs and IT WORKED! During my weekly meetings, we reviewed what I was eating, when I was eating, and my attitude toward food in general. The team taught me that rather than denying myself certain foods or eliminating food groups altogether, to just tweak dishes so they are healthier and more fulfilling. The counselors offered up tips, recipes and suggestions on how to re-evaluate old habits and create a lifestyle change. I can’t thank my team at Mirabile M.D. enough for helping me jump-start this healthier way of life.”

Christina lost 50 pounds

“Before starting the weight loss program with Mirabile M.D., I was overweight, my cholesterol was off the charts and I was struggling with poor sleep quality and mood swings. After 10 months of nutrition counseling and Semaglutide injections, I am happy to report that my weight has gone from 174 lbs to 124 lbs, my dress size has gone from 14 to 6 (loose!), and I feel great! The nutrition counselors have been amazing and are teaching me nutrition changes that will help me maintain my weight loss for the long term.”

Marie lost 20 pounds

“While on Semaglutide injections I felt great and never felt hungry, making it much easier for me to stick with my nutrition plan!”

Lisa lost 48 pounds and 23 inches

“I tried so many diets and exercise programs, but could never lose more than a few pounds. After 9 months on Semaglutide, I lost 48 pounds and 23 inches! My body fat decreased by 8.5% and my BMI dropped from 31.5 to 24.2. I have so much energy and have never felt better. The nutritionists at Mirabile M.D. guided me every step of the way with a personalized nutrition program. Thank you Mirabile M.D. team! “

Support, Education, & Guidance

Under the ownership of our on-site physician, James Mirabile M.D., our medical team and nutritionists work closely with you to help you lose weight and keep it off. Our medical professionals prescribe a program for you based on your lifestyle and your medical history. Regular visits with your counselor offer you the support, education and guidance you’ll need for long-term results. 

Weight Loss Injections

For patients who medically qualify, we offer optional prescription weight loss injection medications, Semaglutide and Tirzepatide.

ENERGIZE Your Weight Loss Efforts with Vitamin/ Mineral Injections!

Trying to lose weight? Feeling fatigued? Try our Vitamin/Mineral injections! We offer a full menu of injections to boost metabolism, improve immune function, increase energy, and more. 

Nutrition Program

We understand that every person’s journey is different. Our primary goal is to get your body healthy and that starts with a nutrition program centered around eating whole foods, avoiding highly processed foods and prioritizing hydration. Nutrition programs are predominantly focused on a sustainable eating plan that consists of a protein base with the addition of fiber in the form of vegetables and fruits as well as healthy fats. Your nutrition program will be customized to your current body composition, health history, lab results, lifestyle, and goals. Once you’ve met your initial goal, we’ll modify the macronutrients  to a maintenance level giving you the framework for your new, healthier lifestyle. 

Setup a Free Consultation

We provide our services for men and women throughout Kansas City. For more information regarding weight loss in Kansas City give us a call at 913.888.7546. Or, request a free consultation by submitting a form online.

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