When a woman goes through menopause, it creates a hormonal imbalance.  The resulting side effects and symptoms can be very uncomfortable.  Hormone replacement therapy can help you manage these symptoms and feel more like yourself again.  Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy Kansas City is a great choice for anyone.

What’s Your Hormone Level?

The first step is to find out how your hormone levels are doing.  To achieve this, a saliva or blood test is carried out.  It shows where natural balance needs to be restored since as the years go by, each woman experiences hormone reduction differently.  This means that the hormone and dosage will be unique to your needs.

How Therapy Works

Hormone replacement Kansas City uses pellet therapy to balance out your hormones.  The pellet containing the hormone will be placed under your skin in a painless procedure.  Usually, the placement is in your hip.  A local anesthetic is generally used and the procedure itself is completed very fast.  After the pellet has been put in place, it will begin to release a low dosage of the hormone it contains into your blood stream steadily based on your body’s needs.

Hormone pellets Kansas City have a variety of benefits as follows:

Research shows that it is a safe method of treatment.