Why the ongoing conversation about the disease matters 365 days a year—and why maintaining overall health and awareness reduces your risk.

Let’s be frank. Chances are you, a loved one, a colleague or a Facebook friend is facing breast cancer. Maybe you’re on the other side of it and have transitioned from treatment to recovery and survivorship. Perhaps you’re grieving a family member, friend or social media buddy who died from the disease. Undoubtedly, you’ll share a pink ribbon meme or nudge a friend to get
her mammogram during October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Although this month is dedicated to increasing awareness of the disease that will, according to breastcancer.org, impact one in eight women in the U.S. over their lifetime (about 12 percent), Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness keeps the dialogue going all year.

Screening saves lives
Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer—other than skin cancer—in women across the country. It’s estimated that in 2017, 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed, in addition to 63,410 new cases of non-invasive, or in situ, breast cancer. Although Mirabile M.D. doesn’t perform mammograms, founder James Mirabile, M.D., FACOG, a well-regarded gynecologist who has 25 years of experience in helping women lead healthy lives, counsels patients on early detection and refers patients to local diagnostic centers for mammograms.

“If you’re 40 or over and haven’t scheduled your annual mammogram, you fall into the ‘reality check’ category of women,” Dr. Mirabile says. “The simple screening test that most women dread really does help save thousands of lives every year—early detection is the best way to find breast cancer before it starts causing symptoms. We encourage our patients to get checked, without fail.”

Balancing act
One of the ways women can help reduce their risk of breast cancer is to maintain health and wellness at every stage of life, something that Mirabile M.D. focuses on with all patients, including well-woman care and weight management strategies.
“Because 75 percent of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients have no family history, regular routine mammograms, self-breast exams and annual in-office physician exams are important,“ Mirabile says. “One of the best tools in fighting the disease is to catch it early. Early detection can result in a cure.”

What about hormone therapy? 
“Women naturally make estrogen for close to 50 years before the onset of peri-menopause and menopause. As hormonal balance decreases, women experience many unpleasant and life altering symptoms including hot flashes, irritability, low libido, weight gain, lack of sleep and more. We use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to safely and naturally balance hormones, improving a woman’s health and quality of life. In most cases, we provide patients predominantly with testosterone and a small amount of estrodial (estrogen),” Mirabile explains. “No synthetic hormones are used. BHRT patients’ labs are closely monitored to ensure their hormone level is balanced—no more, no less than their individual requirements.”
Mirabile, a nationally regarded expert in BHRT and medical director of SottoPelle®, a pellet-delivered BHRT, is known throughout the Kansas City region for his pioneering use of BHRT, which compounds a woman’s natural hormones to match what she once made on her own.

Prior to receiving BHRT, Mirabile M.D. requires patients to have had a mammogram in the past year and to maintain an annual screening schedule.

“Peri-menopausal and post-menopausal patients seek out bio-identical hormone therapy for many reasons, including hot flashes, fatigue, a general feeling of ‘not being myself,’ among others,” Mirabile says. “We consult with each woman to tailor a program just for her.”

Kansas City advertising executive, Darcie Blake, is a SottoPelle patient at Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness.
“I feel like I have my life back thanks to Dr. Mirabile and the SottoPelle Therapy,” she says. “The mood swings are gone, no more hot flashes and no more forgetting things. Dr. Mirabile and his staff listened to my issues and designed an individualized program just for me. I’ve got my energy back, I really feel like myself again.”

During the month of October, 10% of all product sales will be donated to the Stephanie Vest Foundation. This charity provides financial assistance to local families dealing with a cancer diagnosis.