Try this delicious, low-carb Cilantro Cauli-Rice. A great substitute for cilantro rice!

1 head of cauliflower, 1 T olive oil, 1/4 cup fresh cilantro (finely chopped), Juice of 1/2 fresh lime (to taste), Sea salt and black pepper (to taste)

Remove the outer leaves and stem of the cauliflower. With the head of the cauliflower intact, shred the cauliflower using a grater. Drizzle a large skillet with olive oil, add cauliflower. Add sea salt and black pepper to taste, about 1/2 teaspoon of each to start. Saute for 5 minutes or until cauliflower begins to become translucent, stirring gently to ensure that it cooks through. About halfway through the cooking time, add the chopped cilantro and lime juice. Makes approximately four 1/2 cup servings. Use as a rice replacement with any mexican dish.

Serving size: 1/2 cup (cooked).    Total calories: 65.    Protein: 3 g (10 calories from protein).    Fat: 4 g.    Net Carbohydrates: 5 g.

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