It’s commonly said that losing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. We’ve all seen that hard working person at the gym. You know the one – she shows up every day and puts in 110%, but unfortunately makes no change to her body composition. Perhaps that is an all too familiar picture? Even the best personal trainer or group fitness program can’t undo a bad diet. So what’s your barrier to following a healthy eating plan? For many of us, good nutrition comes down to planning and preparation.

Batch Cooking – the solution to your busy schedule

With busy schedules, many don’t have the time to cook every night. Between work, kids and other commitments, we’re usually pressed to find the fastest meal solution which leads to eating out and (too often) settling for fast food. Not only does this lead to weight gain, the extra salt and fat in fast food can contribute to diabetes and high blood pressure, both serious illnesses that can be detrimental to your health. The solution to your busy schedule? Batch cooking!

What is Batch cooking?

Batch cooking is when a person makes a lot of a specific food all at once and stores the food in portions for later use. Food made in batches is either frozen or refrigerated, depending on how quickly it will be eaten. By making some foods in double, triple, or even quadruple, you can save a lot of time with meal preparation. Cooking multiple batches is generally quite efficient, since all of the ingredients can be purchased and cooked together.

 Batch cooking tips

Planning and preparation is key! Follow these tips for successful batch cooking.

Keep it interesting

As you can imagine, boredom can occur with batching. Boredom is self-sabotaging, plain and simple. Here are some ways you can avoid the boredom pitfall.

 Charidy Matney, Weightloss