In a world of ever-changing cosmetic procedures, it can be hard to keep up with all of the different options available to you. Mirabile M.D. wants you to know all about this unique treatment option for a variety of different skincare problems.

PICO Genesis is a laser procedure that is used to treat a variety of different skin problems. The treatment combines two different types of wavelengths in ultra-short pulses. According to the PICO Genesis website, these pulses “cause an intense, non-thermal, photomechanical disruption and remodeling of the upper dermis.”

While some treatments aren’t meant for everyone, PICO Genesis uses a non-thermal laser that doesn’t damage surrounding tissues. Instead, it just removes pigment, which leaves you with clear skin and a more even, uniform complexion.

What is PICO Genesis Used to Treat?

PICO Genesis laser treatments are recommended for people with all skin types with the following conditions:

PICO Genesis can be used to treat anyone with one of these conditions.

How Does PICO Genesis Work?

PICO Genesis treatment uses a laser to shatter unwanted pigment in the skin without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. This process will leave skin looking brighter and more uniform. Additionally, skin elasticity will improve.

To see the best results, you will need to receive a series of three or four treatments. Treatments should be scheduled two weeks apart. To sustain results over time, you will need ongoing treatments. PICO Genesis is a non-invasive treatment, which requires very little downtime.

Many patients report that PICO Genesis treatments make them appear younger due to the reduction in dark spots on the skin. They also say that the treatments are almost painless, but it can feel like a rubber band snapping against the skin. Common side effects include slight swelling and flaking. A lot of our patients have reported seeing results in just one or two sessions.

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