SottoPelle has appointed James Mirabile, M.D. as its new Medical Director. SottoPelle founder, Gino Tutera, M.D., had been personally working with Dr. Mirabile so that he could eventually assume his position when the time came. Following Dr. Tutera’s passing in November, SottoPelle offered the Medical Director position to Dr. Mirabile.

“Dr. Tutera would be very proud to have Dr. Mirabile take on this new position and title and felt very comfortable with Dr. Mirabile in this role”, said a SottoPelle spokesperson. Dr. Mirabile will work closely with other SottoPelle providers to help ensure continuation of consistent, quality hormone therapy.

“I am humbled to have been named SottoPelle medical director. Gino Tutera was my mentor and my friend. It’s an honor to continue his great work and carry on his legacy.”

SottoPelle corporate headquarters is based Scottsdale, AZ. Physicians all over the world use this advanced hormone replacement pellet therapy to safely and effectively treat men and women with hormonal imbalance.