Weightloss®, a division of Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness, helps patients live their best life through a proven physician-supervised program—and lots of cheerleading.

Fat. It’s a word no one likes to hear, especially if you’ve struggled with weight your entire life. But two siblings embrace it, using the moniker 2 Fat Sisters on social media to bear witness to their extraordinary weight loss success. “We’ve always been heavy,” says Maddie, “but this is our way to say we don’t want to be defined by our size. Happy, funny, kind people; that’s the way we want people to think of us.”

The Body of Truth
If that sounds like women who are easy to love, you’d be right. There’s just a lot less to love these days thanks to Weightloss at Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness. Since starting the program, Maddie has lost nearly 108 pounds and Cassie is 120 pounds lighter. Fans of their Instagram page are treated to jaw-dropping before-and-after photos.

“We’ve lost entire people!” laughs Cassie. “Sometimes it just seems unreal that we’ve lost a total of more than 225 pounds between us.”

Yet it’s very real, and for these sisters, much easier than they could have imagined. Like many overweight people, Maddie and Cassie had tried just about every program and quick weightloss gimmick available. Pre-packaged foods, the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Diet Cleanse.

The One that Works®
So what’s different about Weightloss?

“I know this sounds cliché,” Cassie says, “but it’s true. This is more than a diet, it’s a complete re-evaluation of what we eat, when we eat and even where we eat—a lifestyle shift.”

Maddie adds, “Keeping a food diary has made us more aware of everything we consume and how it affects our bodies. And going over our journals with our counselors during our weekly meeting keeps us accountable.”

“Keeping an honest, accurate food diary is one of the key components of Weightloss,” says James Mirabile, M.D., FACOG, founder and on-site physician at the office that bears his name. “We call it mindful eating. Our counselors—who are nutritionists and registered nurses—are excellent at teaching proven ways to portion food more realistically while slowing down to savor each bite.”

“We love our counselors,” Cassie and Maddie say in unison. “They never judge us,” says Maddie. “If we have a bad week, we review the diaries to find the reason together.”

“We started the program in October and lost a total of 20 pounds the first week. We were thrilled but got worried closer to the holidays. Christmas is a big deal in our family.”

Adding to the stress was extra temptation, especially for Cassie who works in the family’s bakery. The holidays bring an irresistible aroma of cinnamon, simmering apples and chocolate.
“But that week was our best yet,” says Cassie.  “Believe me, there were hugs all around at that Weightloss session!”

It takes a village
Those hugs—and going through the program together—are another reason for the sisters’ remarkable success, according to Dr. Mirabile. “Teaming up can work wonders,” he says, “even if it means a little friendly competition. Make a game of it; treat each other to non-food rewards after reaching a goal.” Even better, Weightloss offers special discounts for family members who go through the program together.

Another tip is to ask for support from friends and family members. That was essential for Maddie and Cassie, who spend a lot of time with their parents and brothers. “They always make sure to have healthy food options when we get together,” says Cassie.

Restaurants and recipes
It’s the same for a night out with friends. “I’ve always been social, even at my heaviest,” says Maddie. “And one thing I love about Weightloss is that I can find high-protein, low-carb food at any restaurant.”

Her favorite—beef or chicken fajitas—is an ideal choice for keeping on track. For dinners at home, the sisters research healthy recipes. One delicious winner is a cauliflower crust pizza (see recipe in side bar).

While these two come equipped with their own cheerleaders, other Weightloss patients find an enthusiastic cheering squad at the Mirabile M.D. office.

That’s one reason Nicole is such a fan. The business owner, wife, mother of two and busy advocate for a foster care organization looks forward to her weekly visits.

Swimsuit ready
“I never thought I’d want to get on a scale again,” she laughs. Nicole learned about Weightloss through a friend, then attended an open house at Mirabile M.D. and signed up that night.

She’s lost nearly 50 pounds in 16 weeks but what she’s gained is even more inspiring. “I’m more confident, and I have to admit I love the compliments from friends in person and on Facebook,” she says. “My family just took a vacation to the beach and there I was, rocking a two-piece for the first time in years.”

She’s also teaching her daughters important lessons in self-esteem and healthy choices. “Grace is 13 and Meah is two, and I know how kids are super aware of how they look. I want to encourage a positive body image now and through those difficult teens.”

As with Cassie and Maddie, the Weightloss program has taught Nicole about how food affects not just weight, but overall health, from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and even how well we sleep at night.

“I’ve become an avid label reader,” she says. “Until now I had no idea how much sugar and carbs are in barbecue sauce. And coffee creamer!”

When Nicole wasn’t losing weight as quickly as she hoped, her counselor took a closer look at her food diary. That creamer she was adding to her coffee every morning packed a whopping 35 grams of carbohydrates a day. When she switched to black coffee or tea, the pounds fell off.

Real food, not cardboard meals
Like the sisters, Nicole appreciates that Weightloss succeeds with real food choices at home, at restaurants and while out at social events. “I’d tried another plan with what I call ‘cardboard food,’” she says. “I was miserable and I drove my poor husband nuts.”

Now Nicole serves “good, clean food at home. None of us feels deprived, and I’m having fun trying new recipes that fit the guidelines.”

It’s the same for Tom, another happy Weightloss client.

“Weightloss has truly changed my life. The staff at Dr. Mirabile’s office have always been supportive, welcoming and encouraging. The whole experience has truly transformed me both physically and mentally. Thanks to everyone at Dr. Mirabile’s office for all they have done to help me reach my goals!” Tom has lost 84 lbs.