Six Reasons Why You Should Be Lifting Weights.

People often think that the only way to get lean is to do tons of cardio exercise. The truth is weightlifting, along with proper nutrition and cardio, is the best way to achieve a lean body. Building muscle offers many other benefits too! Here are six reasons you should be lifting weights:

1.       Loss of body Fat

If your goal is to be leaner and fit better in your jeans, the answer is simple – weightlifting. A study from the University of Alabama in Birmingham showed that dieters who lifted weights lost the same amount of weight as dieters who only did cardio. However, the weight lifting group lost mostly fat pounds, while the cardio group lost mostly lean muscle.

2.       More calories burned

Weightlifting is an excellent boost for your metabolism. After each weightlifting session it’s estimated that you continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours! The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that women burned an average of 100 calories more during the 24 hours after a weight training session than if they had done a cardio session.

3.       Improve lean body mass

In order to improve your lean body mass, you must lose fat and increase muscle. Doing this will give you more definition and improve your overall appearance. In addition, improving lean body mass can decrease your risk of injury. Our muscles serve a ‘shock absorbers’ and help us maintain our balance. Whether you are playing sports, taking a walk, or simply getting out of your car, well-conditioned muscles can help you avoid falls and injury.

4.       Achieve a curvy and athletic look

In my experience, lifting weights shapes my body and gives me a feminine, athletic look. Many people are afraid that weight lifting will cause them to look “bulky.” But, in reality, the “bulky” look is typically caused by poor nutrition and eating sugary, processed foods. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy! If you do it properly, you will see results.

5.       Osteoporosis prevention

Some research has shown that weightlifting over a period of time can help prevent bone loss and help build new bone. As women age and estrogen supply is depleted, they become more susceptible to osteoporosis. Many women will increase their dosage of calcium supplementation to help avoid this issue. While supplementation will help to take calcium into the bones, the body needs strength training to retain that calcium.

6.       Good for your heart, blood pressure and overall health

Experts say that muscle may help remove glucose and triglycerides from the bloodstream, which reduces your risk of Type 2 diabetes. In addition, it has been reported that strength training naturally lowers blood pressure for up to 10 to 12 hours after each session. Ongoing, regular exercise can help prevent high blood pressure long-term. Maintaining a normal blood pressure is crucial in avoiding heart problems, reducing your risk of stroke and protecting your kidney function.

Weightloss® and Fitness

Weightloss is a physician-supervised, three-phased weight loss program that provides you with the tools you need to lose weight and keep it off. On average, Weightloss patients lose seven pounds the first week and two to three pounds each week thereafter for the first month. Under the ownership of our on-site physician, James Mirabile M.D., our medical team will create a nutrition plan based on your lifestyle and medical history. You’ll eat real food purchased at the grocery store, not pre-packaged or powdered meals. We understand that fitness is a key component to long-term weight loss and overall wellness. Whether you are new to exercise or re-introducing it into your life, we will give you simple guidelines to ensure your activity level and nutrition plan are balanced and effective.

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Charidy Matney, Weightloss Counselor