That’s right, OXYTOCIN, the hormone in pregnancy which stimulates contractions in labor and aids in induction of labor is now being considered the libido drug of the century! I said the same thing, “huh”? I learned of this recently from a patient who had seen a physician in Florida who she states “turned her life around”. I contacted the prescribing physician, researched the safety of the product, prescribed it myself, and waited to see what it really was all about from my own patients who had similar complaints of decreased libido, lack of intimacy, and emotional lability.

First let’s look at the product itself and I will give you our results at the end. Oxytocin functions as both a hormone and neurotransmitter which are substances allowing a connection between brain cells to effect emotional, cognitive, motor, or autonomic brain or body functions. Recent research has found that oxytocin is an intrinsic component and determinant of emotional, psychological, physiological, grooming, sexual, and reproductive behaviors. It is therefore a part of our everyday life and our oxytocin system perpetuates from positive surroundings. Negative influences decrease the activity and therefore lower levels are found in depressed individuals leading to the finding that higher serotonin levels lead to higher oxytocin levels.

Actions of oxytocin include an increased libido and sexual arouser and are involved in the romantic attachments, intimacies, and closeness of couples. Deficiencies in oxytocin are found in those, both male and female, who lack a desire to cuddle, to be held, or be intimate. Hence the reason oxytocin is now considered the cuddle, love, and bonding hormone. Other actions include influences on social behavior, emotional regulation, cardio protection in response to stress, acting as an anti-inflammatory, sleep supporting, overall positive hormone for the human body. Deficiencies of oxytocin are associated with a variety of maladaptive behaviors and states of being. It is decreased by any negative stresses, excess cortisol, social isolation, fear, anger, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Oxytocin is a compounded hormone prescription obtained through select compounding pharmacies and can be utilized in a sublingual tablet or drop formation. The hormone can be utilized on a daily basis or as an as needed quick acting adjunct to intimacy. The product is not a substitute for an anti-depressant but may in fact help those who have been over-prescribed an anti-depressant for symptoms of hormone deficiency as a cover-up to an underlying condition.

Today’s woman wants to feel good, look good, and remain intimate in their relationships. Stresses placed on women today can create an environment of loneliness, depression, and negative outlooks on life. Hormonal variations can affect women of all ages and YES, hormones can be tested, and YES, there is something you can do about it when variations in them contribute to negativity.

So we did try oxytocin with patients who were given the information and yes, we did see the results as researched and suggested! If you are having any hormonal changes affecting your daily life or if you would like more information on oxytocin, contact us at 913-541-9495.

To your health,
James Mirabile, MD