Approximately 10 million women in the United States suffer from heavy, irregular menstrual bleeding. This is one of the most common complaints in contemporary gynecology. Many women begin to experience the painful cycles in their 30’s and 40’s as they enter peri-menopause and menopause. Studies have shown that periods affect women in a number of ways including fatigue, nauseau, cramping and headaches. Additionally, women suffering will often skip social events, avoid sex and miss work or school. This can take an emotional toll on patients resulting in depression, anxiety and lack of confidence. Today, there is an effective treatment option. NovaSure Uterine Ablation is a next-generation, minimally invasive treatment that reduces or eliminates excessive bleeding by safely removing the endometrial lining of the uterus. It is a quick, safe and simple 90 second procedure with no downtime and a succcess rate of satisfying 95% of women. Furthermore, a recent study published that women with heavy periods and associated PMS symptoms who undergo the NovaSure Uterine Ablation procedure showed marked improvements in PMS symptoms as well. Learn more about NovaSure.