Supervised Weightloss® program combines nutrition and taking off those unwanted pounds.

Sherry, like many people, thought she knew the trick to losing weight.

“Eat less, avoid excess carbs and sweets, exercise more,” says the 59-year-old Kansas City, Missouri, resident. “Pretty simple, right?”

Following a year of trying to shed unwanted pounds on her own, the frustrated woman decided she needed a kick-start to a positive weight-loss program.

Tired of Being Discouraged
“After all, I wouldn’t hesitate to go to a professional for career or financial planning or fashion advice,” she says. “Getting into a safe, effective medically supervised weight-loss program was ultimately my solution. I was tired of being discouraged.”

Turning to the help of James Mirabile, M.D., and his Weightloss® team at Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness in Overland Park, Sherry lost nearly nine pounds in two weeks, including four pounds of body fat.

“With other self-directed weight loss attempts, I usually lost water weight, not a true measure of losing pounds and keeping them off,” Sherry says. “One of the things Weightloss helped me with was changing my eating habits and building a toolbox of easy-to-follow healthy eating habits for a lifetime commitment.”

Dr. Mirabile, as the onsite physician, and the Weightloss team, work closely with each patient to help determine the ideal weight loss goal—and how to keep the weight off by eating real food purchased at the grocery store, not packaged or powdered meals. The program focuses on calorie and carbohydrate intake while consuming the optimum amount of protein to preserve important muscle mass.

“A critical component to achieving weight loss is determining what works for the individual,”
Dr. Mirabile says. “It’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor—we prescribe a customized program based on lifestyle and personal medical history.”

Keys to Successful Weight Loss
Dr. Mirabile’s Weightloss team has helped local patients lose more than 35,000 pounds since opening in 2010. Success can be attributed to a combination of exclusively formulated supplements, vitamin and mineral-based injections and FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressants (if prescribed) to enhance metabolism and manage appetite. Patients also have weekly one-on-one meetings with a Weightloss medical staff member—an element of accountability that has kept Sherry motivated.

“I’m able to check in with what’s working and what’s not and verify results,” she says. “We tweak the program to fit my goals. You can never have that kind of priceless interacting by finding a diet on a website and trying to work it on your own.” ‘

Offering Support through Real-Life Challenges
Dr. Mirabile cautions that although Weightloss is a safe and effective way to lose weight in a medically supervised setting, the journey isn’t perfect.

“Patients have real-life challenges while losing weight and we’re here to offer support,” he says. “For example, Sherry had a craving for her afternoon snack-of-choice, popcorn. She missed the salt and crispiness, so we suggested a food exchange—microwaving turkey pepperoni for a few seconds. For a dessert substitute, add a scoop of chocolate protein powder to Greek yogurt, which tastes like chocolate cheesecake or popping it into the freezer so it tastes like ice cream.”

After years of yo-yo weight loss, Sherry is on the right track to healthy weight loss.
“I have more energy and an overall feeling of wellness that I haven’t experienced in decades,” she says. “My clothes fit better and seeing such quick results has inspired me to reach and maintain the goal weight my Weightloss counselor and I agreed on. It’s a lifestyle change—one that makes sense for my health (the first thing to go was my belly fat) and my confidence.”

Dr. Mirabile and his team see men and women daily who have tried do-it-yourself methods and are perplexed because they are not losing weight or maintaining weight loss. “Following fad diets or an online program doesn’t offer long-term results for many patients. The Weightloss program is proven to help people lose weight and keep it off,” says Mirabile.

Creating a Foundation of  Healthy Eating for a Lifetime
“Sherry is the perfect example of our typical weight-loss patient because she tried to go it alone for a long time,” Dr. Mirabile explains. “What many don’t realize is that a diet needs to be programmed to fit their body. Weightloss isn’t just about losing—it’s about creating a foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.”