What is TBI?
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is usually a result of a forceful impact to the head or body, causing physical damage to the brain. A more severe impact can cause bruising, bleeding and other damage that can create devastating emotional and cognitive problems. Athletes who experience repeated concussions throughout their career, as in the case with many former NFL players, will often be left with significant physical and emotional affects. Quite simply, when a person has repeated concussions, their brain just doesn’t function properly. They experience diminished cognitive function, emotional issues and physical changes. It can be quite devastating to many.

What is the TBI/Hormone Connection?
Researchers are starting to discover that brain trauma can trigger deficiencies in certain hormones. There is evidence that replacing these deficient hormones in people with TBI can reduce the functional deficits felt in attention, memory, executive functioning and sleep. Some research also suggests that replenishing hormones in dementia and Alzheimer’s patients may also help to inhibit the progression of these diseases

SottoPelle®, which is used across the United States and now the world, restores a patient’s testosterone level. The pellet uniquely works with the body’s cardiac output, is dispersed through the capillaries to the brain and sends a signal that is consistent with what the body once had on its own. We know by research that the releasing hormone organs in the brain gets damaged causing the lack of signals to the hormone producing organs in the body.

SottoPelle has helped many former NFL players like Jim McMahon, Paul Krause and Bobby Bell, reclaim their lives by reducing the symptoms that accompany brain injuries. This therapy is also helping many of our military veterans who have experienced traumatic brain injuries.

More about SottoPelle

SottoPelle is effective in both men and women to restore your body’s hormonal balance. It’s a pellet therapy that most closely matches what your body once made. For our male patients, we use SottoPelle exclusively to restore testosterone. We have found this to be the safest, most effective method for testosterone replacement. In our female patients, we have several methods to restore testosterone and estrogen levels. We use SottoPelle therapy and also prescribe specially compounded prescriptions that come in the form of creams and troches. The method used is really up to each patient – we work closely with patients to help her decide what method is best.

James Mirabile, MD, was recently named SottoPelle Medical Director after the passing of SottoPelle founder, Gino Tutera, MD.

Source: SottoPelle