Do you feel like life is moving faster but your skin is slowing down? It is certainly no secret that our skin cell turnover rate, the rate in which skin cell’s renew themselves, slows down dramatically as we age. In your 20’s skin cell turnover is happening at a rate of about every 20 days. By the time you’re 45 those same cells are taking an average of 40 days to renew themselves. As these dead cells build up, skin becomes noticeably dull and lack-luster. They simply aren’t moving like they used to.

Removing cellular buildup from the skin’s surface “tricks” the skin into producing newer skin cells faster; thus increasing cellular turnover. When you remove these cells through exfoliation, you unveil skin that is fresh, light reflective and more youthful in appearance. This can be achieved through exfoliation, which is done both physically and chemically.

Physical exfoliation removes dead skin cells through friction. Chemical exfoliants are topically applied and dissolve the ‘glue’ which binds them to other cells. As you age, it’s important to incorporate a combination of physical and chemical exfoliation into your skin care regimen. Exfoliation can be done both at home or through professional treatment by a skin care technician. Here are some options for exfoliation:

At Home Physical Exfoliation
Granular scrubs, such as our MicroDerm Mineral Polish
Luna Pro skin cleansing system

In Office Physical Exfoliation
Dermaplaning treatment
HydraFacial treatment

At Home Chemical Exfoliation
Retinoic Acid or Retin-A

In Office Chemical Exfoliation
Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid
Chemical Peel treatment