Weightloss® starts with real food for real results.

Sherry met a friend for lunch and ordered her favorite, a classic Cobb salad with chicken, bacon, chopped hard-boiled eggs, avocado and blue cheese. She thought about her colleague back at the office having a pre-packaged diet meal, which consisted of a bowl of chicken soup. Did she feel guilty? Not for a minute.

“We all make choices,” Sherry says. “And I chose Weightloss® as my way to lose weight and get healthier. I can always find a high protein, low-carb choice at a restaurant or even the buffet at a party. And planning healthy meals at home for my family is easy.”

Later that night Sherry will tally the day’s total protein into her food diary, just as she’s done for the past eight weeks on the program. That vigilance is one reason she’s lost 19 pounds in two months.

Along with keeping a food diary, other factors have resulted in her losing 10 percent of her body weight in eight weeks, according to James Mirabile, M.D., owner of Mirabile M.D. Beauty Health & Wellness in Overland Park.

“Like all our successful Weightloss patients, Sherry meets with one of our counselors every week without fail during the acute or beginning phase,” he says. “It’s a way for patients to check their progress, get nutritional advice and get answers to any questions they might have.”

All of the counselors have been on the program themselves, which means they can offer food replacement suggestions, how to include exercise into the mix and personal tips that have worked for them and other patients.

In Sherry’s case, the weekly check-ins are usually joyful as the pounds come off while sustaining lean muscle—all indicated by the body composition analysis scale at Dr. Mirabile’s office. The results are then documented on a personal online chart she accesses through the Signature Patient Website where she can also view tips, recipes and activities specifically developed for Weightloss patients.

But a few weeks ago the scale went up instead of down. It was easy to see why, with three days of back-to-back meetings when Sherry skipped breakfast and lunch, then attended after-hours events that included cocktails or wine.

But that short misstep didn’t derail Sherry’s determination.

“When I’ve lost weight in the past, this would have been the end of it,” she says. “I’d give up and slip back into my old ways. My counselor gave me some much-needed tough love and we worked through not just how to get back to the plan, but how to prevent future slip-ups.”

A general rule of thumb is to always eat a healthy breakfast and lunch that includes protein. That, along with Weightloss signature supplements, helps eliminate hunger throughout the day.

“I’ve tried over-the-counter diet pills in the past,” Sherry says, “and they did nothing to stop my cravings despite all the hype. Now, the combination of herbs, minerals and extracts I take every day boost my energy and—I don’t know how to describe it—except to say I just don’t think about food constantly like before.”

She’s also learned to plan for events that might spell danger.

“I’ll eat a protein-rich snack, such as a hard-boiled egg, lean turkey in a lettuce cup or piece of low-fat cheese, before going to an evening outing,” she says. “And I take a protein bar or shake with me when I can’t stop for a sit-down meal.”

Sherry has made Weightloss part of her overall health plan forever—whether on short-term maintenance, the wellness phase or if she needs to return to the acute period for a brief time.

“We’ve found that patients who stick with the program—rather than going off for whatever reason then starting over again—are much more likely to succeed,” says Dr. Mirabile. “That’s one of the reasons we are offering a special reward when patients lose 10 percent of their original weight.”

“We’re here for you as your advisors, cheerleaders, and nutrition and wellness experts. We’re really proud of Sherry—as well as hundreds of the other men and women who’ve lost a total of nearly 40,000 pounds since we added Weightloss to our office in 2011.”

“My energy and confidence are at an all-time high,” Sherry says. “I nearly cried when I asked a store salesperson to bring me a smaller size. In jeans! At 59! Now I can wear anything in my closet and feel good about how I look.”

The Weightloss program can be a positive factor in not only how a patient looks, but also in improving his or her overall health concerns. Take a look at these dramatic changes for one patient, a 57-year old male with a history of insulin resistance, high cholesterol and extremely high triglycerides. Nine months after joining the program he decreased his BMI and made significant health improvements through weekly nutritional counseling, dietary changes and weight loss.
* BMI decreased from 30.5 to 27.7 (BMI over 30 indicates obesity)
* Total cholesterol decreased from 254 to 152 (healthy range: less than 200)
* Triglycerides decreased from 1580 to 155 (healthy range: less than 150)
* Fasting blood glucose decreased from 151 to 121, indicating improved insulin resistance (healthy range: less than 100)
* Elevated liver enzymes now within normal limits, indicating a reversal of fatty liver disease

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