truSculpting 3D vs CoolSculpting | CoolSculpting vs truSculpting 3D

Heating or cooling for non-surgical body sculpting. Which is best?

The non-surgical aesthetic field is ever evolving and continuous advancements in technology are giving patients more options than ever. Gone are the days of only surgical options for common issues such as fat reduction and body contouring.

Non-surgical body sculpting and fat reduction is one of the most popular services today. Our office has seen a significant increase in the interest for these services. After evaluating virtually every device on the market, our owner and on-site medical director, James Mirabile, M.D. selected truSculpt 3D. truSculpt 3D offers patients up to 24% fat and circumference reduction and skin tightening in just one treatment, with no downtime.

Another popular body sculpting technology, Coolsculpting, can also reduce fat, but has disadvantages over truSculpt 3D. Unlike truSculpt 3D, Coolsculpting doesn’t offer the additional benefit of skin tightening and requires multiple treatments (in most cases, patient need 3 treatments).

truSculpt 3D uses radiofrequency energy to heat deep layers of skin and fat to improve the look and contour of trouble zones. Tissue is heated to 45-47 degrees Celsius via deep radio frequencies. This leads to fat cell apoptosis, or cell death, and released through the bodies natural lymphatic system. Because truSculpt 3D uses heat, the body naturally generates new collagen which offers a tightening to the treated skin.

In clinical trials, when compared to Coolsculpting, truSculpt 3D achieved the highest percentage of fat thickness removal in just one treatment. Furthermore, truSculpt 3D or truSculpt is the only FDA cleared device to treat any area of the body.

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