Do you have sagging skin that makes you look and feel old? If so, maybe you should try ultherapy, a treatment that will tighten the skin on your face against the forces of time and gravity. And unlike laser skin tightening, ultherapy works on the foundational layers of your skin using ultrasound technology. Here are a few other benefits of Ultherapy:

It is a non-surgical procedure and works fast.

Ultherapy does not involve the use of needles, knives and lasers. Each session lasts for about an hour and skin restoration begins immediately afterwards. But most of the results can be seen only after three to six months. Although ultherapy offers long lasting effects, you will need touch-up treatments every couple of years.

It does not require downtime post the treatment.

Since ultherapy doesn’t require needles, lasers and knives, it doesn’t require any downtime post the treatment. However, some patients are likely to swelling and mild redness from the treatment immediately afterwards.

The treatment can be customized to the patient’s needs.

Ultherapy treatment requires the use of an ultrasound device. And this allows your specialist to customize the skin treatment by simply altering the depth of energy and the length of the treatment.

It can offer a very natural look.

In Kansas City ultherapy, skin tissue is gradually tightened through stimulation of collagen. This has the double advantage of giving you a natural look as well as avoiding the risks and healing problems associated with surgery.