New Year’s Resolutions are difficult to stick to. Especially during an unexpected year like 2020. The team at Mirabile M.D. is here to help you reach your New Year’s resolution weightloss goal this coming year!

How Weightloss Works

Weightloss is a nutrition program that focuses on a low-carbohydrate, low-calorie meal plan. When doing this program, your diet contains lean proteins, healthy fats, and low-starch carbohydrates. This diet allows your body to reach the state of ketosis.

During ketosis, your body is in optimal fat-burning mode. Typically, carbohydrates are our primary energy source, but when you cut your daily carbohydrates intake, the body turns to fat for energy. When your body begins to burn fat, it helps curb hunger and maintain muscle mass.

What to Expect When Doing Weightloss

If you are considering Weightloss, you can start with a free consultation. You will meet with a provider to learn more about the nutrition program and ask any questions you may have. During this initial meeting, the provider will  do a body composition analysis, discuss your goals and provide an overview of the program.

Once you decide to begin, your Initial Visit will consist of a variety of screening and tests including EKG, vitals, and bloodwork as well as a review of your medical history and current medications. Your Weightloss provider will create a diet and exercise plan for you to follow. For your body to reach a ketogenic state, it will be imperative to follow this meal plan. A prescription apptetite suppressant and nutrition supplements may also be recommended based on your specific needs and health history.

Throughout the process, you’ll have weekly check-ins with your provider to evaluate progress and make changes if needed. Once you reach your goal weight, you will move into the third and final phase of the program, Wellness Phase. During this phase you’ll meet with your nutritionist monthly .

How Weightloss Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

You are probably wondering how Weightloss helps you reach your New Year’s Resolution, and more importantly, maintain it. After all, diet plans and exercise may have been hard to stick to in the past. Here are several ways that this nutrition program can help ensure you reach your goals

1.      Accountability

New Year’s resolutions are often difficult to maintain because we don’t have any sense of accountability. However, with Weightloss, you meet with your provider every week, which offers more accountability than trying to go to the gym every day by yourself. You’ll also get one-on-one support from your provider, which allows you to ask more questions and get the help you need.

2.      Delicious Food

Many diet plans are difficult to follow because they often restrict foods you enjoy the most. Weightloss meal plans involve delicious meals and satisfying snacks. You’ll receive guidance for cooking at home, dining out and eating at social gatherings. You likely won’t have to cut out cheese or other types of dairy, and you’ll be able to eat various proteins and fats.

3.      Customized Meal Plans

Everyone’s body composition and nutritional needs are unique. For this reason, the Weightloss program gives you personalized meal plans designed specifically for you. For some, eating healthy is not enough to lose weight, because they do not consider their body’s unique needs. Your Weightloss provider will ensure your meal plan meets the nutritional needs for your body composition.

4.      Phased Approach

Weightloss uses a three-phase approach to losing weight. These phases are acute, maintenance, and wellness. During the acute phase, you will jump-start your Weightloss journey with an initial exam and weekly consultations. The first phase requires a stricter nutrition plan, which allows you to work towards your goal weight.

Once you approach your goals, you’ll move into the maintenance phase, learning how to increase calories while maintaining your goal weight. Once you reach your goal weight, you move into the wellness phase, during which you learn how to keep the weight off through monthly consultations. This phased approach allows for long-term success with the program.

Mirabile’s Tips for Being Successful with Weightloss

Weightloss is an appropriate weightloss solution for many people. At Mirabile M.D., we want to share our additional tips for success when using Weightloss to reach your New Year’s resolution in 2021!

If you are interested in starting Weightloss, there is no need to wait until the New Year. Call us at 913-888-7546 to schedule a consultation today.