VI Peel

What is VI Peel?

VI Peel®, from the Vitality Institute line, is a chemical peel that can be performed on the face, neck, or hands. It is used to improve a variety of skin conditions while improving your skin’s overall health and vibrancy.

What Does VI Peel Treat?

VI Peel is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of mild scarring, treat certain types of acne, reduce the appearance of sun damage, age spots and melasma, and improve the look and feel of skin that is dull in texture and color. Our peels are ideal for all skin types including darker skin.

We offer a variety of VI Peel options in varying strengths

VI Peel

This peel is ideal for the treatment of all skin types and conditions. It improves tone, texture and clarity of the skin by softening lines and wrinkles; and reducing age spots, acne, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.

VI Peel Acne

This peel offers the same benefits of the VI Peel with the addition of targeted solutions which purify blemish prone skin and reduce the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation that acne leaves behind.

VI Peel Precision Plus

The Precision Plus offers a powerful booster specifically designed to treat stubborn melasma and hyperpigmentation. Like the VI Peel, this peel is also ideal for improving overall tone, texture and clarity.

How Does VI Peel Work?

Your skin cells are constantly transitioning from the bottom of the epidermal layer to the skin’s surface as the cells lose moisture and slowly die off. Depending on your age and skin condition, this process takes approximately 28-38 days. This surface layer of dead cells can cause the skin to look tired, aged and dull. A VI Peel chemical peel uses an acidic solution to remove the outer layers of skin to stimulate the production of new skin cells.

VI Peel has been featured on The Doctors, Extra, InStyle and Dr. Oz!

What to Expect

A VI Peel treatment takes approximately 1 hour.

On average, VI Peel patients will experience 1 – 2 days of redness, followed by an additional 2-3 days of peeling. The amount of social downtime will vary depending on the strength of peel used.

While you can expect to see improvement after 1 treatment, often a series of treatments will be recommended for optimal results.

Before & After Images

Before treatment
After treatment

Photos courtesy of VI Peel.

Before treatment
After treatment

Photos courtesy of VI Peel.

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