There has been a common misconception that inking of permanent tattoos cannot be removed, just because of the word ‘permanent’. However, technology has proven such statements to be false with the introduction of a revolutionary procedure called laser tattoo removal. If you are considering to get rid of that tattoo from your body, here are three aspects to consider before receiving the treatment.

Size of the Tattoo:

The larger the size of the tattoo, the more intense the treatment will be. Even the smallest of tattoos will require more than one session of treatment. Treatment schedules and number of sessions involved would increase in proportion to the size and color of tattoo.

Treatment Methods:

Keep tabs on the methodology of treatment involved. There are several considerations that go into the method and session of treatment to be implemented, besides the nature of tattoos. They include the technology used by the clinic, doctor’s preferences, the age of the patient, how deep the ink was injected and others.


There are several factors that determine the cost of the procedure. The complexity of the tattoo, the size of it, the number of sessions involved, the proficiency of the professional providing the service and related factors. Black tattoos tend to be the easier to remove; hence they do not cost much. On the contrary, colored tattoos require intense treatment and eventually could cost more.

By considering these three factors, it would be possible for you to make an estimate of how much you will have to shell out from your pocket for laser tattoo removal. Also make a consultation with the professional before getting the treatment, to land on a better estimate.