Which Evolve X Body Sculpting Treatment Is Right for You?

evolve body sculpting treatment

Body sculpting treatments have become popular choices for those wanting to lose weight, especially when diet and exercise aren’t sufficient in getting rid of stubborn fat. You may notice fat pockets or excess cellulite accumulating on certain areas of your body after a long weight-loss journey, pregnancy, or if you experience certain medical conditions. Fortunately, […]

All About Evolve Body Sculpting Techniques

body sculpting and body contouring

The great thing about your weight loss journey is that you’re not alone. Losing weight is no easy endeavor, especially considering those stubborn last few pounds or loose skin keeping you from your goals. They can be infuriating, especially if you’re doing everything the right way. At Mirabile M.D., we want everyone to love and […]

National Weight Loss Awareness Month: 4 Benefits of Losing Weight

Weight Management Program

Happy New Year! For so many people, January means tackling New Year’s Resolutions and recovering from the holiday delicacies. January is also National Weight Loss Awareness Month. Many people set out with a New Year’s Resolution of losing weight. However, many people only focus on their appearance. At Mirabile M.D., we want to share with […]

Use Medi-Weightloss to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution in 2021

Medi-Weightloss and 2021 News Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions are difficult to stick to. Especially during an unexpected year like 2020. The team at Mirabile M.D. is here to help you reach your New Year’s resolution weightloss goal this coming year! How Medi-Weightloss Works Medi-Weightloss is a nutrition program that focuses on a low-carbohydrate, low-calorie meal plan. When doing this program, […]

Keto Diets: Myths and Realities

keto diet

The ketogenic diet has become increasingly popular because of its results—which are often dramatic—and health benefits. While many people successfully shed weight on a keto diet, others still consider it a fad diet. Like many fad diets, the keto diet does require you to limit the consumption of certain types of food. However, there are […]

truSculpt iD vs. truSculpt fleX: Which One Is Right for You?

Body sculpting procedures are becoming an increasingly common way for people to get their bodies to look the way that they want. Since many of the options for body sculpting require surgery, patients are ecstatic to know that there are non-invasive alternatives on the market as well. The truSculpt line of treatments help patients look […]

Weight No More

  Weight No More Physician-supervised Mirabile M.D.’s Medi-Weightloss® helps women and men shed unwanted pounds without judgment—and offers a sensible strategy that works. Over the years, Holly of Lee’s Summit has taken countless weight-loss programs for a spin. From DIY plans and one-off, trendy diets to weekly weigh-in meetings, the 43-year-old mom of two teens […]

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting? Yes, Please!

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting? Yes, Please! Even if you’re at your ideal weight, chances are you still struggle with problem areas, whether it’s the abdomen, love handles, thighs or those dreaded “batwings” that keep you from looking your best in sleeveless garments. These are the stubborn jiggles, pooches and fat pads that no amount of exercise […]

A Mom’s Real-Life Weightloss

Holly Elliott wanted to lose weight without judgment and found a sensible strategy that also changed her family’s relationship with food. Over the years, Holly Elliott of Lee’s Summit has taken countless weight-loss programs for a spin. From DIY plans and one-off and fad diets to weekly weigh-in meetings, the 43-year-old mom of two teens […]