There comes a moment when people regret having a tattoo inked to their skin. Those who’ve had their tattoos removed in Kansas City, it is essential that they follow certain aftercare procedures, so as to reduce the risks of scarring, infection and discomfort. Mentioned below are some useful aftercare tips you must follow:

1. Keep the treated area clean and dry

Keeping the treated area clean and dry is the most basic of all. Wash the area with mild soap and water. Pat the area, rather than rubbing it to make it dry. This minimizes the chance of infection and irritation. Also make sure to care for the treated area with an antibiotic cream.

2. Do not Scratch your Skin

During the healing period, it is normal that your skin can get itchy from time to time. Just ignore the urge to scratch to prevent infections and scarring. Anti-infection creams prescribed to you will have ingredients that reduce itching. If not, hydrocortisone ointment is a viable alternative.

3. Avoid Sun Exposure

During the healing period, avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight, whenever possible. There comes a time when you no longer have to use antibiotic creams, during which you should use sunscreen lotions with a minimum SPF 25.

4. Cold Compress

Whenever your treated area feels warm, apply a cold compress. This not just reduces the temperature but also eliminates itching, irritation & blistering.

5. No Soaking

Under any circumstances, do not soak your treated area in water for a significant time period. If done, the healing process can slow down and increases the chance of infection.

After having the tattoo removal procedure in Kansas City, the extent to which you follow the above aftercare tips determines the period of healing. Look for any signs of infection and take necessary precautions.