Nearly everyone knows that Botox Cosmetic can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. In fact, this is the most common use for Botox injections. However, Botox has a wide variety of uses that many people have no knowledge of. Here are a few different ways that Botox could help you.

1.     Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

This is the main use of Botox. By temporarily disabling facial muscles that cause wrinkles, Botox reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are those that are only present when muscles contract. Crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and smile lines are all great candidates for Botox.

Deep creases and static lines are formed over time and are visible when at rest (not contracting). These lines can be softened and improved with Botox. In some cases, however, deep creases are a result of facial volume loss and are better treated with a dermal filler.

2.     Eliminate Excessive Sweating

Another way to use Botox is to stop excessive sweating. Botox prevents sweating by preventing your nerves from signaling sweat glands to produce sweat. If there is no signal, there is no sweat. Botox is often used to treat hyperhidrosis, which is a medical condition resulting in excess sweating. Botox can be injected in the underarms, palms, forehead, temples, soles of the feet, and many other places to end excess sweating.

For those who have tried clinical-strength and prescription antiperspirants, Botox can be the best solution.

3.     Manage Acne

Excess oil production in the skin leads to acne breakouts. Using Botox can reduce the amount of oil produced in the skin to decrease breakouts. However, professionals will advise against using large amounts of Botox all over the face, as that could lead to an expressionless face like movies and television shows tend to showcase as the norm. Instead, it can be used in small areas, especially the forehead, to reduce oil production. There are a number of other effective treatments for acne including chemical peels, laser treatments, prescription medications and at-home skin care products.

4.     Smooth the Neck

Necks are another common place for wrinkles to pop up as we age. Little horizontal wrinkles are incredibly common. Tiny amounts of Botox can be injected into the muscles around the wrinkles all the way around the neck to relax the muscles. These relaxed muscles will make the skin look smoother.

As we age, the muscles of the neck also start to protrude, which results in the thick, tight cord look that many people complain about. And since these muscles are connected to muscles in the face, they can also pull down the rest of the features of the face. Treating the neck muscles will help both the neck and face, leading to a mini facelift.

5.     Soften the Chin and Jawline

People who grind their teeth often notice that their jawline widens over time. By injecting Botox into the area, a doctor can shrink those muscles and narrow the jawline a bit. This can also make cheeks look lifted and reduce the pain that is the result of teeth grinding. Results on this treatment tend to last about a year.

6.     Smooth Out the Chest

Sun exposure and age can lead to prominent lines between the breasts. Botox can be injected into the pectoral muscles to smooth these lines out without the need for a more intrusive procedure.

7.     Stop Migraines

Even though doctors have a hard time explaining why, Botox has been known to help people with migraines. One theory is that Botox blocks the pain signals from being sent to the brain and that the injection relaxes muscles in the head to make them less sensitive to pain.

For this treatment, Botox is injected in the forehead, temples, and scalp. These injections can also be performed by neurologists, which can lead to a frozen forehead because the doctors aren’t thinking about the cosmetic aspect of the injections. If you can treat migraines in other ways, that is probably your best bet, but Botox is a great last resort.

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