The average age for onset of menopause at Kansas City is 50. Menopause that happens before the expected age of 50 is known as premature menopause. The medical causes of premature menopause might be primary ovarian insufficiency, chemotherapy, or clinical removal of ovaries.

Menopause has a direct impact on biological ageing. Also, the risk of chronic disease, osteoporosis and pre matured death is increased due to it. Other complications include infertility, mood swings, vaginal dryness, sleep disturbances, decrease in sex drive as same as those of menopause that occurs in later life. Once you get the symptoms under control though, menopause doesn’t seem so scary.

One of the most popular treatments for menopause is hormone replacement therapy at Kansas City. They involve taking estrogen to replace the own decline in the body levels around the time of menopause. This can relieve many of the associated symptoms. This option was declined by few because of the rumor that it can cause breast cancer but increasing evidence suggests that the threat of cancer was overstated. HRT is very effective for treating menopause symptoms. However, Timing is imperative for the success of a hormone replacement therapy. Women who take HRT sooner are less likely to suffer from heart disease, blocked arteries and it gives protection against stroke.

There are many factors at play in a woman’s decision to use HRT or not, and if you are thinking of starting HRT, speak to your gynecologist who can help you make a decision that is right for you.