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Dr. Mirabile and his team of Nurse Practitioners combine the latest medical research, over 30 years of clinical experience and training to provide comprehensive womenʼs health care. Dr. Mirabile offers exceptional women’s care as well as minimally invasive procedures for gynecological treatment. We believe strongly in the physician-patient relationship and work with you in making the best decisions for your womenʼs health. We take time with every patient and try to treat each person the way we would want to be treated, or the way we wish for our families to be treated. 

Hormone replacement therapy is not a one-size fits all. Our focus is not simply on prescribing, but on combining the appropriate dosage and delivery method to balance a patientʼs hormones. Each person is different, and their needs change over time. This is why itʼs important to have an individualized program designed for each patient. Dr. Mirabile and our team of highly experienced Nurse Practitioners treat both men and women with highly effective, customized compounded prescriptions. We treat women with troches, pills, injections and creams and both men and women with SottoPelle®.

At Mirabile M.D. MedCosmetic, we offer the latest in non-surgical treatments including Botox®, Dysport®, Daxxify®, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, fractional laser treatments, radio frequency treatments, body contouring, facials, chemical peels, feminine wellness and more. Since 1999, we have offered our medical spa patients expert treatments under the supervision of founder and on-site medical director, James Mirabile, M.D. As a top Kansas City med spa, we use the most advanced devices and products to treat unwanted hair, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and age spots, acne and acne scarring, rosacea, veins, unwanted tattoos, sagging skin and much more. 

Our medical weight loss team, led by owner and on-site physician, James Mirabile M.D., will customize a weight loss program for your specific goals, lifestyle and health history. The advancements in wellness and obesity medicine are exciting and give us a variety of tools to help you achieve your goals and improve your health. The Mirabile M.D. weight loss and personalized wellness programs include versatile nutrition plans as well as prescription medications including Semaglutide and prescription appetite suppressnts. In addition, we offer a full vitamin injection menu and high-quality supplements to help support your weight loss efforts. 

June Specials

  • Daxxify, the new long-lasting wrinkle relaxer. 5 units free!
  • Co2 Lift, a powerful anti-aging facial treatment. $210.
  • Product of the month: DIM3 M.D. 20% off.
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“This place — it’s the real deal. I first visited Dr. Mirabile when I was wrapping up chemotherapy treatments. I needed to get my hormone treatments started and Dr. Mirabile personally took care of me. He was very caring and despite my then-current medical history – he listened – understood what I was relaying and very carefully prescribed what I needed. He and the staff are caring and treat me very well. I highly recommend him and his team.”

–Kim of Kansas City

“The biggest motivator for me to lose weight was after my primary care doctor did bloodwork and said if I didn’t make changes, I would be at high risk for Type 2 diabetes. I had to be willing to tackle the bad habits, a sedentary lifestyle and my questionable relationship with food. After less than a year on the program, my doctor said I was out of the danger zone for developing diabetes. Thanks to the low-carb diet Dr. Mirabile and his team put me on and their support, I make good choices when it comes to eating and exercise is part of my daily routine. I have more energy, confidence and fit into fun clothes now, too.”

–Richard of Waldo lost 85 pounds

“I’ve had a variety of services  from general health to gynecology to medical spa services. Dr. Mirabile genuinely cares about his patient’s wellbeing and his follow-up is like none other! Tama and Sophia have given me extra tender care with cosmetic and skin care services and they exceeded all expectations! I highly recommend this practice and refer relatives and friends all the time! Thank you for all you do Mirabile M.D.! “

–Ashley of Overland Park 

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Why Us?

Welcome to Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health and Wellness, your one-stop shop for total wellness. James Mirabile, M.D., FACOG founded this center on the realization that patients’ issues are often interrelated. By combining gynecology, hormone therapy, weightloss, and MedCosmetic into one convenient center, we are able to offer patients a synergistic approach to medical aesthetics, weight loss, hormone therapy and gynecological treatment. Dr. Mirabile and his team understand that fibroids, depression, hormone deficiency, migraines or weight issues can be as debilitating as acne, unsightly hair growth, rosacea or wrinkles. Our state-of-the-art facility, located at I-435 and Roe in Overland Park, KS serves the entire Kansas City metropolitan area. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing our patients with high-quality services, compassionate care, leading-edge technology, and personalized treatments. Our patient-centric approach to beauty, health, and wellness empowers men and women to live healthier and happier lifestyles.