As people age, their skin tends to sag as the collagen levels drop.  This is the natural effect of gravity and time working on the skin.  However, the fact that it is a natural thing to experience does not mean that you should leave it to keep going south.  Ultherapy treatment is a non-invasive treatment that can help you lift the skin gradually and gently. With this treatment, you can lift the skin on the brow, neck and under your chin.  You can also smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines that come with the aging process.

Ultherapy in Kansas City has been approved by the FDA.  It uses ultrasound to deposit energy in the deep layers of the skin in order to tighten them.  Just like a facelift, it acts on the foundational layer of the skin.  However, it is important to note that even though the results will be quite remarkable, they will not be the same as they would be if you chose to go under the knife for a facelift.  Nevertheless, this is an alternative that works really well for people who are looking to enhance their face over time, or those who are not willing to go for surgery.

Whereas laser treatments work on the skin surface, Kansas City Ultherapy works under the skin.  Laser treatments are therefore ideal for permanent tattoo removal Kansas City since the ink does not penetrate to the deep layers of the skin. Should you decide to get skin tightening Kansas City, it may also be a good idea to get any unsightly tattoos removed Kansas City.