Aging can be devastating for most people as there are various issues to deal with such as mood swings, night sweats, weight fluctuations, and libido etc. They have different treatment options, one of which is a hormone replacement. Many clinics now offer bio identical hormone replacement therapy in Kansas City. However, many people fail to understand the true benefits of this method due to some misconceptions surrounding it. The most popular myths are given here,

They lead to blood clot

This myth began at the early stages of the HRT as they were not individualized. Advancements in the bio identical HRT makes them unsusceptible for developing blood clots because they have been customized for the hormone levels and functioning of each individual.

They do not work for clinically induced menopause

Many women have to undergo clinically induced menopause for preventive or therapeutic measures. Some believe that it could be treated with only synthetic options. But in truth, HRT can address the common symptoms of a women’s menopause regardless of how it begins and give relief by balancing hormones.

No need for HRT after menopause

Women experience undesirable post menopause symptoms. Bio identical hormone replacement helps to prevent long term side effects of menopause by imitating and regulating production of hormones.

Bio identical HRT are not for men

Low testosterone may lead to symptoms like fatigue, weight fluctuations and loss of sex drive. Through bio identical replacement therapy, their normal hormone levels could be regained.

Hence, Get a hormone replacement therapy and alleviate the natural symptoms of aging or any other hormone imbalance issues without any worry.