Well-woman checkups are a critical way to maintain our overall health and wellness as women. As part of our gynecology services, Mirabile M.D. provides well-woman care for women of all ages. However, not all women know what a proper well-woman checkup entails. For these patients, we want to offer information on what to expect during a well-woman visit.

What Are Well-Woman Checkups?

Well-woman checkups are also referred to as wellness exams or gynecological exams. During a well-woman checkup, you’ll meet with a physician or nurse practitioner. These exams are a part of preventative care for women, and there can be a lot more that is covered in a well-woman checkup than gynecological exams.

Screenings, tests, and physical exams are all things that you can expect during your well-woman appointment. Each of these things ensures your reproductive, sexual, and overall health. Your provider will also give you information to keep you educated on best practices for your health and wellbeing.

The types of tests and screenings a patient requires depend on their age and family medical history. Some tests are conducted yearly, while others, such as the Pap smear, are typically done every three or so years.

Women should get annual wellness exams starting at 21 years old. Teens can also schedule their first visit between 15 and 19 years old, which is recommended, especially if they are sexually active.

What Happens During a Well-Woman Checkup?

Many women who are going for well-woman checkups for the first time get nervous because they don’t know what to expect. For this reason, we want to give you an overview of what will happen during your well-woman checkup to ease any apprehension leading up to your appointment.

First, the nurse will take your vitals, including your weight and height, blood pressure, and body temperature. They will then leave you to change into a medical gown. When the provider comes into your room, they start by documenting your medical history and health habits, including:

Your provider will also ask you about your family’s medical history, pre-existing conditions, past surgeries, allergies, and current medications.

After going over your medical history and health habits, your provider will perform a series of exams. The exams you need will depend on what you received last year, your age, and your sexual activity.

These exams’ purpose is to screen for breast and gynecologic cancers and ensure your reproductive system’s overall health. During your well-woman checkup, you can also talk with your provider about contraceptive options.

A concern that many women have is that they will experience pain during their exams. While it is common to experience some discomfort during Pap smears or mammograms, you should not experience any pain, so it is important to communicate any pain you experience with your provider.

Well-Woman Checkups at Mirabile M.D.

Mirabile M.D. offers gynecology services and well-woman checkups to women in Johnson County, Kansas.  James Mirabile, M.D., FACOG is a board-certified gynecologist and has practiced gynecology in the Kansas City area for over 25 years. In addition to annual well-woman checkups, our team can help patients when specific problems arise. Call us at 913-888-7546 to schedule an appointment today.