The great thing about your weight loss journey is that you’re not alone. Losing weight is no easy endeavor, especially considering those stubborn last few pounds or loose skin keeping you from your goals. They can be infuriating, especially if you’re doing everything the right way. At Mirabile M.D., we want everyone to love and care for their body and we understand that weight loss or body sculpting may help you look and feel your best.

Body sculpting is a proven way to lose fat, tighten up loose skin and give your body the definition you want. Best of all, it’s not surgical! Mirabile M.D.’s medical spa division, MedCosmetic, offers a wide selection of rejuvenating, non-invasive treatments for nearly all skin conditions. Using Evolve by InMode, our board-certified medical spa team in Kansas City can reduce unwanted body fat, remodel skin, and increase muscle definition without surgery.

Learn what an Evolve body sculpting treatment can do for you.

What Is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting is different from traditional body contouring techniques as it focuses on reshaping targeted parts of your body without surgery. It safely removes excess fat deposits around your body, giving you the extra support you need to shed that stubborn fat. Body sculpting, along with proper diet and exercise, can give you your ideal figure.

There are surgical body sculpting procedures, including liposuction, that also lead to fat reduction. Body sculpting, however, is non-invasive, meaning you can be in and out of your health and wellness clinic without needing time to recover from a lengthy and costly surgery.

Evolve body sculpting is a revolutionary body contouring technique. Using radiofrequency technology, this hands-free tool targets and eliminates fat cells in your body. Evolve is the pain-free solution for tighter skin, reduced cellulite, and improved muscle tone to help you look and feel your best. Evolve offers customized treatments to target unique areas on your body.

The Three Types of Evolve Body Sculpting Treatments

Whether your goal is to remove excess skin from your upper arms or slim your stomach without body contouring surgery, Evolve body sculpting has a solution that fits your body and goals. At Mirabile M.D., we customize each Evolve treatment to your body type and goals and offer three modalities from which to choose.

Evolve Tite

Our Evolve Tite treatment targets the innermost layer of skin to stimulate collagen production through radiofrequency. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in your body, with many important functions for body and skin health. With our Evolve Tite treatment, this excess collagen production rebuilds and strengthens your skin for more firmness and elasticity.

With only three to six treatments, you can start seeing results. This painless body contouring procedure can give your arms, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks a tighter, firmer look. For best results or to continue seeing improvements, maintenance appointments might be required. Contact Mirabile M.D. to learn more and schedule your free consultation.

Evolve Trim

If your goal is to lose some weight or target fat that seems to be resisting your diet, Evolve Trim might be the solution for you. Using the same radiofrequency technology as in the Evolve Tite, this painless body sculpting treatment targets fat cells in the subcutaneous layers of your skin. At the same time, Evolve Trim vacuums excess fat cells in your body, generating heat that breaks these cells down.

This dual-action body contouring treatment breaks down fat cells that gradually leave your body to tighten your skin. Evolve Trim can help you lose fat without any surgery or recovery time. For best results, we recommend three to six treatments. To see if Evolve Trim is the best fat reduction treatment for you, contact us for a free consultation.

Evolve Tone

Unlike our Evolve Trim fat reduction treatment, our Evolve Tone stimulates muscle growth and definition with electromagnetic energy. This treatment stimulates contractions in the muscles in your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. These contractions offer a more defined appearance and can strengthen the targeted muscles.

If your goal is a more sculpted look, Evolve Tone is the treatment for you. Our Kansas City health and wellness team recommends between three and six treatments for the best results. For lasting results, maintenance appointments might be required. Contact Mirabile M.D. for a free consultation to see if Evolve Tone is right for you.

What to Expect From an Evolve Treatment

All of our Evolve body sculpting treatments are painless and non-invasive. Unlike surgical body sculpting treatments, you should be able to return to your normal activities immediately following your sessions. The number of sessions is dependent on your body, goals, and which treatment you decide to undergo, but we typically recommend between three and six sessions with a week between each.

Evolve treatments are safe and cleared by the FDA. Patients experience minimal discomfort; sometimes, there’s light bruising or pinkness around the treated areas. These will go away after a few hours, and you should be able to return to normal activities without any downtime.

At Mirabile M.D., we encourage anyone seeking body sculpting services in Kansas City to research and find a reputable provider for Evolve treatments.

How Does Evolve Body Sculpting Compare to Others?

Evolve body sculpting is a revolutionary treatment for fat reduction and skin tightening, but it’s not your only option. While there are plenty of traditional surgical options, non-invasive body contouring treatments are becoming more common. TruSculpt treatment plans are a popular alternative to Evolve Body Sculpting.

TruSculpt offers two different treatment plans: TruSculpt ID to target and reduce fat and TruSculpt Flex to stimulate muscle conditioning. TruSculpt ID uses radiofrequency technology to heat up and eliminate fat cells in the body in a 15-minute treatment. TruSculpt ID, however, does not provide the dual-action treatment Evolve Trim does. Even though the session is shorter than a typical Evolve Trim treatment, TruSculpt ID provides great results for fat reduction.

TruSculpt Flex and Evolve Tone both use electromagnetic pulses to stimulate natural muscle contractions and sculpt your body. Both create long-lasting results to sculpt your body and help with muscle growth and definition.

As Kansas City’s best body contouring facility, we offer treatments for both TruSculpt and Evolve. We want to help our patients look and feel their best with the latest non-invasive body sculpting treatments out there. Call Mirabile M.D. today for a free consultation at 913-888-7546.