A Mom’s Real-Life Weightloss

A Mom’s Real-Life Weightloss

Holly Elliott wanted to lose weight without judgment and found a sensible strategy that also changed her family’s relationship with food.

Over the years, Holly Elliott of Lee’s Summit has taken countless weight-loss programs for a spin. From DIY plans and one-off and fad diets to weekly weigh-in meetings, the 43-year-old mom of two teens has tried multiple methods to shed unwanted pounds—each time without long-lasting success.

Frustrated with not just the constant weight cycling, Holly was also uncomfortable with judgmental attitudes she encountered with some high-profile weight-loss companies that promised community support and individual coaching.

Holly’s breakthrough moment came when a girlfriend told her about an acquaintance losing weight with Medi-Weightloss®, a physician-supervised program offered at Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health and Wellness in Overland Park.

“My biggest hot button with diets, whether it’s self-directed or a guided program, is that shame can’t be a component,” Holly says. “One day, after the birth of my youngest child, I went in for my weekly meeting and weigh-in with a very well-known weight-loss organization. I had gained a few pounds since my last check-in and the woman, who was supposed to advocate for me, instead asked what I was going to do so the gain wouldn’t happen again.”

Whole-person weight loss
Curious about how Medi-Weightloss could help achieve her goal of losing 50-plus pounds, Holly made an appointment with the Mirabile M.D. experts to discuss her options. Satisfied with what she heard—including the fact that she could eat real food, not packaged or powdered meals—Holly started the program in October 2017.

Quickly, an unexpected bonus occurred: her mind-set about food totally changed, which led to helping her family transform through healthy eating.

“As women, we often put ourselves second in favor of taking care of those around us,” Holly says. “Once I took charge of my health, my family’s life improved.”

What happened with Holly’s Medi-Weightloss experience—and how it eventually influenced her family—is not unusual, explains James Mirabile, M.D., FACOG, founder of Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health and Wellness.

“Medi-Weightloss is designed to positively impact your life with not just weight loss, but also a lifestyle shift,” Dr. Mirabile says. “Our team gives patients a toolbox of simple, effective and healthy eating habits that lead to a lifetime commitment. Once we determine a patient’s ideal weight loss goal, we help educate them on eat-to-lose methods and maintenance. It’s a whole-person approach.”

Focusing on calorie and carbohydrate intake, Medi-Weightloss is complemented by consuming the optimum amount of protein to preserve vital muscle mass, essential during weight loss. The program is a proven combination of exclusively formulated supplements, vitamin- and mineral-based injections and, when prescribed, FDA-approved appetite suppressants that ultimately enhance metabolism and manage appetite. Patients have weekly one-on-one sessions with a Medi-Weightloss expert to review what’s working, what’s not and what needs to change.

“It’s refreshing to meet with my Mirabile M.D. Medi-Weightloss team member, Charidy Matney, who doesn’t shame me if my weight loss has stalled or if the scale has inched up,” Holly says. “At the beginning, I mourned the loss of my unhealthy relationship with food—I mean, we were tight. Working with Charidy feels like a partnership, which keeps me motivated. She helps me through the rough patches.”

Charidy counsels Medi-Weightloss patients like Holly to ensure they’re on track and offers resources geared for successful weight loss. But one of the intangibles that encourages an individual to make the necessary lifestyle changes to lose weight is attitude.

“Even with her busy schedule as a mom and wife, Holly has experienced success because she’s made lifestyle adjustments that will stick with her, even when she reaches her goal weight,” Charidy says. “She understands some weeks are better than others but works hard, remains positive and doesn’t get discouraged. Not only is she losing weight and creating a healthier way of living, Holly has incorporated these changes into her household, so her family learns along the way, too.”
One of Dr. Mirabile’s familiar mantras he shares with his team and patients about Medi-Weightloss is that it’s not a cookie-cutter approach.

“We determine what will work for each person and customize the program to accommodate their unique lifestyle and personal medical history,” he says. “It’s not off-the-rack weight loss.”

Family affair
Holly has lost 33 pounds of her 50-pound goal. Her daughter doesn’t count calories but watches her carb intake and has lost excess weight because of revamped meals that Holly prepares, which contain protein and veggies. Sugar is limited in the Elliott household, although Holly admits that “we still know how to celebrate—this isn’t about deprivation.” Her husband, Shanon, works out daily and has lost 15 pounds.

Medi-Weightloss utilizes a unique health profile, including body composition analysis, complete medical exam, including blood panel and EKG and nutrition/fitness information. It also monitors health for diseases, including cardiovascular, high blood pressure and diabetes, among others.
On average, Medi-Weightloss patients lose seven pounds the first week and then two to three pounds each week for the first month. The three-phase program guides participants through Acute, Short-Term Maintenance and Wellness, offering strategies for a lifetime of success and healthy eating.

“It’s no longer a battle of willpower against cravings,” Holly says.

“I don’t even think twice about making healthy choices, thanks to Medi-Weightloss and the Mirabile M.D. team.”